What is RadSystems?

RadSystems is a robust rapid application development framework and Low-code software that facilitates application development process by reducing redundant coding time. RadSystems applications can be generated through ASP.NET Core, Python Flask, PHP Laravel, Node Express.js, Vue.js, and Quasar Framework. RadSystems Studio also allows for generation of traditional or classic web applications using Bootstrap, jQuery, and Laravel.

The Radsystems Studio license is valid for one year, once the one-year period has ended, a new license will need to be purchased.

The difference is that PHPRad Initial was developed with a company-owned custom base framework and Dot Net, while Radsystems is developed to generate applications based on various front-end and back-end frameworks which include- PHP Laravel, Python Flask, Nodejs, C#, Quaser, PrimeVue. Radsystems allows you to also publish your application to mobile version. Both PHPRad and RadSystems Studio are owned, developed and maintained by RadSystems Limited.

Each RadSystems Studio / PHPRad license can be only used on one PC/ computer/ machine. In order to use the software on more than one PC/ computer/ machine, you will need a new license for each RadSystems Studio/ PHPRad installation.

A single developer’s license implies that a copy of RadSystems/ PHPRad software is allowed to be used only on a single PC/ computer/ machine. In order to use the software on more than one PC/ computer/ machine, you will need a new license for each RadSystems Studio/ PHPRad installation or User.

Yes, RadSystems License structure gives you the right to own and run the software forever, similarly to buying a packaged software in a store. However, major and minor software upgrades/updates are offered with an additional cost after the first 12 months of purchasing the Software.

We deliver the License key to the customer e-mail electronically after purchase has been completed. RadSystems Software and its documentation can be downloaded from the website. Customer can follow the link below to view how to activate their software using the license key shorturl.at/glpyF.

All RadSystems Studio/ PHPRad versions allows for an unlimited number of application generation, projects and database connections. Applications created with RadSystems/ PHPRad are Royalty-Free, i.e. it can be distributed freely without any further cost.

In case where a user loses her PC or PC gets formatted, the user will be required to provide the order ID which are alphanumeric code that is included in their payment receipt at the time of purchase, then a new license key will be resent to the user.

RadSystems/ PHPRad currently does not support Mac operating system, but user could achieve this by using a virtual machine of your choice that support windows platform, and the software will still run smoothly.

RadSystems currently does not support Open Database Connectivity (ODBC), Radsystems/ PHPRad currently supports MsSQL, MySQL, SQLite and Postgre database.

Application generated with RadSystems Studio/ PHPRad are royalty-free i.e Radsystems does not reserve the rights to the source code generated by the application. The user has the entire rights to the application and the source code of the generate project.

Yes, we do provide certain level of technical support and assistance for other third-party libraries and integration in RadSystems. Such support is only reserved for licensed users.

RadSystems Studio/ PHPRad License key can only be activated over the internet. Please if you have any issue contact support.

RadSystems Studio provides you with full stack development platform, from API design Front-end Design, Database Design, API documentations. These complete development kits are also available and functional in the trial version.

Yes, you can connect your application to a remote database. Please ensure that your database server supports and allow remote connections.

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