Creating new project

RadSystems supports MySQLMsSQLPostgreSQLite databases.
RadSystems allows you to create a database if you do not have one.

RadSystems will let you create and modify tables right in the software. You will have access to the table properties where you can set the field names, types, and sizes.

RadSystems manages all the connections to the database in order to ease the creation process and maintenance of applications. If you don't have a database, RadSystems studio provides an option for you to create one.

Manage database Tables

Create, edit, delete tables and columns in your database using our inbuilt database manager.

Application Menu

RadSystems studio lets you create a hierarchical structure of your applications and navigation system. You can organize your tables into a multilevel menu for quicker navigation especially when working with a large number of tables. You can have as many groups and subgroups as possible

Different menu Styles: Fixed Top Menu Static Top Partial Collapse Sidebar Fixed Sidebar Static Sidebar

(Project Menu style option is only available in PHPRad classic / Others using Vue, have one menu style which is Vue Menu)

Set menu icons

Easily set menu and component icon from 4 different icon set

Material Icon

Font Awesome

Simple Line Icon

Drip Icons

List page

  • Advanced-Data Table
  • Ajax navigation
  • Record sorting
  • Inline edit
  • Modal Add, Edit, and View
  • format field Record
  • Custom field display style: Progress bar Relative-date Check Button Image Link etc...

Grid List Display

Create a grid page with different grid columns

Custom edit grid content

Support Ajax Pagination and Infinite Scroll

List Page Footer Expression

Delete Record Confirmation

Search Page

Search Page Record

Support Ajax page search and Dropdown Search

Ajax Dropdow Search component

Ajax Page

Advance Data table with Ajax page navigation

Support Ajax Delete, AJax edit, Ajax Add

Export settings

Export page record in different format such as: PDF EXCEL WORD CSV Print

Import settings

Support Importing of external page data

Supported format: CSV JSON

View Page

Display view page with master detail records

Drag and drop other related page records to the view page

Join tables

Provide simple interface to join multiple database table and display the result.


    Easily add authentication to your project with

    Role base access control

    User login page

    User registration

    User profile page

    Email verification

    Password Reset

    Different Login Mode

    Account approval by administrator

    Exclude pages from authentication

    Master Detail Page

    Master Detail

    Easily Setup master detail page

    Different display options such as: (Popover, Modal, Inline-Table)


    Form validation

    Group Form Fields

    Advanced Form Fields

    Form layout style

    Different form layout and display style

    Dynamic form control 

    Vertical Form

    Inline Form

    Horizontal Form

    Dynamic Tabular Layout

    Different Form control size and width

    Audit Trail

    Easily setup audit trail module to log user activities.

    Record Management

    User Record management

    Let user to view, edit or delete only records that belongs to them

    Record Timestamp

    Manage Record Time Created and Time Updated

    Record Soft delete

    Flag a record as deleted without deleting the record from the database.

    Advance query builder

    Create complex SQl queries and Join with a simple interface

    Custom Code

    Extend the functionalities of your applications by adding custom Javascript and CSS Code

    Dashboard Page

    Create beautiful dashboards by adding widgets and components to dashboard page

    You can have multiple dashboard based on the user role.

    Page Components

    TabPage Component

    Form wizard component

    Modal Component

    Page Filter Components

    Dynamic Menu

    App Themes

    Customize the look and feel of your applications with over 40 bootstrap themes

    Other Amazing Features

    Open and Save Project

    Export Project File

    Project Settings

    Sync Database

    Intiuitive GUI for customizing Components

    Drag and Drop Component onto your pages

    CSRF Security

    XSS Attack Protection

    Client And Server Side Validation

    Auto Fill Select Component

    Ajax Look Select Component

    Custom Table Fields

    Date Time Pickers

    Advance File upload with Dropzone

    Client and Server Side Code Snippets

    Client and Server Side Events

    Project Explorer

    Date and Timezone formatting

    JSON Rest API Support

    Multi Language Support

    Over 50 Bootstrap 4 Themes

    Composer Support 

    Mobile Responsive

    and many more...

    Awards & Quality Certificates

    An award given to products that have recently entered the market but are already becoming very popular
    This certificate is granted to products that offer especially good user experience. We evaluate how easy it is to start using the product and how well-designed its interface and features are to facilitate the work process.

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