RadSystems Release Note Download Setup

Launch of RadSystems Beta Version

PHPRad Classic Edition Version 2.7.3 Release Note Download Setup

😎 Introduction of Ajax page for

😎 Introduction of record soft delete

😎 Introduction record timestamp management

😎 Introduced static and dynamic Role base access control

😎 Introduction of new menu display style

😎 Accordion behavior on multi level sidebar menu

😎 Page design now has Copy and Paste Component. Just right click on the component and select copy or paste

😎 New display styles for page fields (ProgressBar, CheckButton, Relative Date, Star Rating)

😎 Ajax Page search with dropdown search result.

😎 Option for password reset interval

😎 Option for administrator to approve user registration

😎 Direct Export to PDF,EXCEL,CSV,WORD from any page

😎 Added password strength indicator

😎 Introduced toggle password visibility option

😎 Introduced form captcha validation

😎 Master Detail Form. where user can submit multiple form at the same time and pass values between each form

😎 Added option to change database connection

😎 Provide an easy interface for writing custom javascrip/jsquery code

😎 Improvement on page events

😎 Redesign of export page

😎 Improvement on tabular form layout

😎 Improvement on master detail page

😎 Other minor improvements

😎 Page grid Display style

😎 Improvment on Role based access control

😎 Fixed bug on joining multiple tables

😎 Role based access control

😎 Other general improvments and bug fixes

PHPRad Classic Edition Version 2.6.9 Release Note

🀬 Bug fix on Form Wizard .

🀬 Bug fix on Password Reset

🀬 Bug fix on

🀬 Improve Role base access control. (Links and menu will be hidden if user does not have permission to the page)

😎 Improve page filter design

😎 More intuitive component designs

😎 General Improvement

🀬 Bug fix on Password Reset

🀬 Bug fix on

🀬 Improve Role base access control. (Links and menu will be hidden if user does not have permission to the page)

😎 Improve page filter design

😎 More intuitive component designs

😎 General Improvement

PHPRadClassic Version 2.3 Release Note

😎 Added Dynamic chart feature.

🀬 Fix bug on Min and Max Date Properties in Date Picker Component

🀬 Fix bug on View Page Record Export

🀬 Fix bug on Page Import_data When Access Control Page is Set

🀬 Fix bug on Page Report View When Access Control Page is Set

PHPRad Version Release Note

😎 Launch PHPRad Classic Edition. with Advance features. (No VUEJS Required. Just PHP and Boostrap)

😎 Added project directory explorer. Now you can edit PHPRad project files inside PHPRad Studio

😎 Added multi dashboard support. You can create different dashboards based on the user roles

😎 Added 15 New Advance bootstrap 4.1.3 Themes.

😎 Added Drip Icons font (Beautiful).

😎 Added multi language support and customization. By default phprad has support for these language (Arabic, Russian, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Hindi, Chinese). You can equally extend support for other languages. By Adding other languages to the PHPRad XML Language config file.

😎 Added Header Component to the component designers

😎 Code formating now better.

πŸ€– Changed Application icon

πŸ€– Removed phprad description message on the index page. (Not needed)

πŸ€– Activated publish to production. (This will publish project using PHP production settings and minified scripts and css libraries)

😎 General Improvement

🀬 Fixed Bug when duplicate page with user role

🀬 Fixed Bug when infinite scroll on large list

🀬 Fixed Bug with page filter components

🀬 Fixed Bug global settings not persisting with database configurations

😎 Remove MSSQL Support

PHPRad Version 2.5.7 Release Note

Here are some updates and info about this version

😎 Added Page Record Formating Functions such as: Date Format, String Format, Number Format.

😎 Added Table Header Icon

πŸ€– Combined eternal javascript libraries into one JS File (bundle.js)

πŸ€– Combined Vuejs Component into one single JS File (vuescript.js)

πŸ€– Introduction of Vue Mixin for Sharing Reusable codes accross vue component

😎 General Improvement

🀬 Fixed Bug when Creating | Updating SQLITE Database

🀬 Fixed Bug when editing custom page

🀬 Fixed Bug when duplicating page

🀬 Fixed Bug when creating Role base access control

🀬 Fixed Bug when creating User Record Management

😎 General Improvement

Previous version release note

Introduction of VUEJS for Single Page Application and dynamic data loading

Migration to bootstrap 4 Templates

Database creation just got better

Support for SQLITE Database

Support PHP Internal Local Server (For people who do not use apache web server) Please note: Apache web server is faster and better

User Record Management Now you can create application where users can only manage their records

Introduction of Master Detail Relation Made it easy to design master detail application with different render options

Support for inline edit add and view record as a modal

Improvement on data table display

Introduction of advance form upload component. Supports drag and drop, upload progress, folder upload, file preview etc...

Change In PHPRad Layout For easy and faster development

Application preview now faster (Please note the internal preview browser may use Internet explorer 9. which may do not support some web components and css3 features)

Improvement on icon loading

Improvement on Custom Code Editor

Support different icon pack like (FontAwesome, Material Icons, Simple Line Icons)

Improvement on Page Component design

Addition of Tab page component

Addition of Accordion component

Addition of Form Wizard component

Improvement Record Count Component

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