System Requirements

Language Frameworks
PHP Laravel - 7.3 Python Flask - 1.1.2 Node ExpressJS - 4.16.4 ASP.Net Core - 3.0
Frontend Framwork Quasar Framework Bootstrap 4
Browser Support All major Browser IE 9+
App Platforms Web SPA PWA Mobile with PhoneGap Desktop with Electron
Supported OS Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 10

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is RadSystems?

RadSystems is an advanced RAD (Rapid Application Development) enviroment which generate PHP Applications with just few clicks.

Can I connect to remote database.?

Yes. Please make sure that your database server supports and allow remote connections.

Can I create a complete apps with RadSystems?

RadSystems provides you full stack development platform.From Api design FrontEnd Design, Database Design, Api documentations ...

What is the upgrade policy?

All minor version upgrades are free of charge after purchase. Major version upgrades has upgrade fee after license period has expired

My license key is not valid.?

License key can only be activated over the internet. Please if you have any issue contact support

Can I Run PHPRad in linux/MacOS?

PHPRad is not fully supported on non-windows platform. But you can still run it with any virtual machine of your choice that support windows platform.

Do you provide technical support for third-parties tools?

We do provide certain level of technical support and assistance for other third-party libraries used in RadSystems.

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