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What is RadSystems?

What is RadSystems?

RadSystems Studio is a robust Low-code software that facilitates a rapid application development process by reducing redundant coding time. Through its complex engine algorithm, it is possible for an application to be generated in several programming languages from a single code base.

RadSystems allows you to generate applications through, PHP Laravel, Python Flask, Node Express.js, ASP.NET Core frameworks for the Backend, and employs Bootstrap, jQuery, Vue.js, Quasar, PrimeVue, React, and Flutter frameworks for the Frontend.

You can publish your application to Classic Application, Single Page Application, Progressive Web Application, and Mobile Application with a single click.

Why RadSystems?

RadSystems can be used to create CRUD (Create, Read, Update and Delete) applications. RadSystems studio allows users to add custom code to manage business rules and validation.

RadSystems lets you create forms, queries in PHP, ranging from simple forms to forms having high level of complex elements to manipulate data from databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, MS SQLServer).

Why RadSystems?

Radsystems helps you achieve business targets and personal objectives

Develop Business Solutions Faster!

Convert your Data and Business Models into Applications
Trusted by Organizations and Professionals around the world
Great tool for Beginners and Professionals

Our Products

Build Apps in Programming Languages and Frameworks you Love

PhpRad Classic

Generate classic web applications using Laravel, Jquery & Bootstrap-5

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PhpRad Vue

Generate SPA, PWA, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps with Laravel, ReactJs, VueJs & Quasar Framework

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Generate SPA, PWA, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps with ASP.net Core, ReactJs, VueJs & Quasar Framework

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Generate SPA, PWA, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps with Python Flask, ReactJs, VueJs & Quasar Framework

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Generate SPA, PWA, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps with Node Express.js/Node Express.ts, ReactJs, VueJs & Quasar Framework

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Generate SPA, PWA, Mobile Apps, Desktop Apps with TypeScript Express, ReactJs, VueJs & Quasar Framework

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How does it work?

With few clicks, you get your robust application running

Connect to a database

Create new project and connect to any of the database

Configure pages properties and modules

Configure modules and plugins that your applications needs

Application Menu
Role Base Access Control
User Account Management
Record Mananagement
Master Detail Relation
Audit Trail Log
Page Event Actions
Form Validations
e.t.c ...

Add components to pages

Drag 'n' Drop additional components to the pages.

Record Count
Chart Components
Page Filter Components
Sub-Page Component
Tab Page Component
Modal Page Component
Form Wizard
Dynamic Menu
and many more...

Preview and publish your application

You can publish to any of the platforms

Main Features

Robust Modules and Advance Web Components

Intuitive Design

RadSystems is the easiest low code platform on the planet. Anyone with an idea can build apps


Publish your apps in different platforms (Web, PWA, Mobile, Desktop) from a single code base

Different Frameworks

Publish your application in the language and framework of your choice (PHP Laravel, ASP.Net Core, Node ExpressJs, Python Flask, Still counting...)

Page Filters

Add filter components to your pages to page filter records

Responsive Apps

Retina display and highly mobile responsive apps

Generate Api

Generate REST Api and Documentations with click of a button

Well Documented Code

Uses industrial standards in code documentations and comments


Security issues have been taken care of: (SQL Injection, CSRF, XSS, ...)

Query Builder

Easily generate complex sql query with an advance query designer


Integrate Reports into your application and generate reports in different format (Excel, PDF, CSV, Print)

CRUD Operation

Perform basic CRUD Operations on database records

Code Editing

Edit page and components manually if you wish to do so


Build apps with multi-language support

Different Layouts

Provide different layout for your apps


Give your apps different look and feel with theme builder

Technologies Used By RadSystems

RadSystems uses the most robust and popular technologies in the industry

Supported Databases

Backend Frameworks

Frontend Frameworks

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is RadSystems?

RadSystems is a robust rapid application development framework and Low-code software that facilitates application development process by reducing redundant coding time. RadSystems applications can be generated through ASP.NET Core, Python Flask, PHP Laravel, Node Express.js, Vue.js, and Quasar Framework. RadSystems Studio also allows for generation of traditional or classic web applications using Bootstrap, jQuery, and Laravel.

All RadSystems licenses are valid for unlimited time, whiles ensuring free upgrades and download of new features for the first 12 after purchase. After this period, the user will have the option to pay for future upgrades/ updates or can decide not to upgrade and continue using the software for a lifetime.

The difference is that PHPRad Initial was developed with a company-owned custom base framework and Dot Net, while Radsystems is developed to generate applications based on various front-end and back-end frameworks which include- PHP Laravel, Python Flask, Nodejs, C#, Quaser, PrimeVue. Radsystems allows you to also publish your application to mobile version. Both PHPRad and RadSystems Studio are owned, developed and maintained by RadSystems Limited.

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